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Players who are established members of and who have attended a particular church or synagogue for a period of not less than 12 months and have shown a consistent pattern of attendance (averaging one visit per month) are eligible to participate in the CCRA League and in other recreation leagues if granted a waiver by the Association Executive Council. 


Please check the appropriate statement:

                   Yes, I qualify for a waiver and do intend on playing in other recreation leagues this season.


                   No, I do not want a waiver.  I understand that I may not play in other recreation leagues this season.



*Required Signatures


Each of the undersigned personally and independently verify that the information provided above is true.


Player                                                                                                     Date                                      


Coach                                                                                                     Date                                      


Parent (Legal Guardian)                                                                       _______________  Date                                      


Pastor or Rabbi                                                                                     __________     Date                                      


Church Representative                                                                         ___  Date                                      


*All signatures must be provided if a waiver is being sought.  Only the player signature is required if a waiver is not being sought.





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