September 18, 2020

Charleston Church Recreation Association Constitution

Article I - Name

Section 1 - Official Name

This organization will be known as the CHARLESTON CHURCH RECREATION ASSOCIATION (hereinafter the “Association”).  The term “church” as used in this document includes any place of worship including, but not limited to, a church, synagogue, temple or mosque.

Article II - Purpose

Section 1 - Purpose of Association

The purpose of this Association is (1) to provide opportunities for youth and adults to develop good religious living through a wholesome, well-supervised recreational program; (2) to encourage good sportsmanship and teamwork; and (3) to provide additional opportunities for social contact with groups from other religious institutions.

Article III - Membership and Dues

Section 1 - Membership Requirements

Any church  in the vicinity of Charleston may become a member of the Charleston Church Recreational Association by (1) obtaining the approval of the Executive Council; (2) payment of annual dues; and (3) appointing an official representative to the Association.

Section 2 - Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Association will begin on September 1 of every year, at which time the annual membership fee is due.  The amount of the membership fee will be set annually by the Executive Council.

Article IV - Association Officials

Section 1 - Officers

The officers of the Association will be President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.  These officers will serve for a term of one year and will be elected by a majority of the Association’s members that are in good standing.  The officers will be elected at the annual meeting.

Section 2 - Executive Council

The Executive Council will consist of the elected officers of the Association, three (3) representatives at large who will be elected at the annual meeting by a majority vote of the members in good standing, two (2) members appointed by the President, and any “League Directors” appointed by the Executive Council.  All Executive Council members will serve terms of one year except the “League Directors” who will serve only during their respective sports seasons.

No Church may have more than one member on the Executive Council, with the exception of a League Director.  If a League Director and one of the Council members belong to the same church, only one vote will be allowed between them at a Council meeting.

Section 3 - League Directors

A League Director for each sport activity of the Association may be appointed by the Executive Council.  A League Director will serve for a term of one sport season.  A League Director will have supervisory duties for his or her appointed sport activity and such other powers as are delegated to  him or her by the Executive Council.  A League Director will serve on the Executive Council during his or her sport activity.  He or she will have the power to vote only on matters pertinent to his or her sports activity.

Section 4 - Executive Secretary

(a) An Executive Secretary may be employed by the President to conduct administrative functions for the Association including, but not limited to, legal business, publicity, officiating, scheduling, facilities and equipment. etc.

(b) He or she will be directly responsible to the President.  He or she will be employed for a term not to exceed one year, with the understanding that a term may be renewed as often as the President deems appropriate. 

(c) His or her salary will be derived from the fees assessed for teams participating in league sports.  The amount of his or her salary will be set each year by the Executive Council.

Section 5 - Compensation for Officers

The President will be given an annual monetary gift (not to exceed $300.00) by the end of each fiscal year if funds remain in the treasury.  The Secretary/Treasurer will be given an annual monetary gift (not to exceed $600.00) by the end of each fiscal year if funds remain in the treasury.  League Directors will be compensated at a monthly rate of $250.00.  No additional compensation or gifts will be given to members of the Association or its employees, with the exception of compensation which may be paid to an Executive Secretary under Section 4(c) of this Article.

Article V - Duties of Association Officials and the Governing Board

Section 1 - Duties of Official

(a) President – The President will:

(1) Preside over the following meetings:  all meetings of the Association; Executive Council meetings; and all protest meetings. 

(2) Coordinate the activities of the Association.

(3) Secure playing facilities and decide on rules to be used.

(4) Secure game officials (umpires and referees).

(5) Draw up playing schedules.

(6) Purchase necessary game and officials’ equipment and supplies.

(7) Provide proper supervision of all activities sponsored by the Association.

(8) Approve all expenditures before payment. 

The President may delegate any of his duties (2)-(8) to the Vice President or to a League Director appointed for a particular sport. 

(b) Vice President – The Vice President will assume the duties of the President in his absence.  He will also fulfill any other duties delegated by the President or assigned to him by the Association.

(c) Secretary/Treasurer – The Secretary/Treasurer will keep an accurate written record of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Council, as well as any meetings held by the officers or the Executive Council to resolve protests or protest appeals.  He will be responsible for all correspondence of the Association.  He will be responsible for collecting all Association membership dues and fees.  He will be responsible for all financial records entrusted to him by the Executive Council.  He will submit to the Association a complete written financial report at the end of each fiscal year.  He will pay all expenditures of the Association by check.

Section 2 - Duties of the Executive Council

The Executive Council will perform the following duties:  (a) carry out any and all policies approved by the Association; (b) decide all protests; (c) determine eligibility of players; and (d) handle all special problems which may arise.

Article IV - Association Meetings

Section 1 - Annual Meeting

The Association will hold an annual meeting in September of every year.  At that time, all necessary annual elections of officers and Executive Council representatives will occur.

Section 2 - Regular and Special Meetings of the Association

Regular and Special Meetings of the Association.  The Association will meet prior to the opening of each sponsored sport activity.  Special meetings may be called by the President whenever he deems them necessary.  A majority of the members of the Association in good standing shall constitute a quorum for any meeting.

Section 3 - Meetings of the Executive Council

The Executive Council will meet as often as the President deems it necessary.  A majority of the Council members will constitute a quorum for any Executive Council meeting.

Article VII - Amendments

Section 1 - Amending Constitution

This constitution may be amended at any scheduled meeting of the Association by a majority vote of the Association’s members in good standing.


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