September 18, 2020

CCRA Basketball Rules (Grades 3-12)

Playing Rules

  1. No Profanity.
  2. No persistent disputes with officials.
  3. No unsportsmanlike behavior.
  4. A technical foul for unsportsmanlike behavior results in the immediate disqualification of the offending player or coach for the remainder of the current game plus two (2) additional games.
  5. Three (3) team technical fouls for unsportsmanlike behavior will result in forfeiture of the game.
  6. No taunting, baiting or “trash talking”.
  7. There is a ten (10) minute grace period only for the first game of the day.
  8. All players must wear matching uniforms including shirts with numbers and matching shorts.
  9. Each church must submit a roster, signed by its clergy, each month. Failure to submit rosters on time will result in forfeiture of games. Rosters must be submitted to the League Director by the 7th day of each month.
  10. Combined teams (teams made up of players from two (2) or more churches) must have a roster from each church involved in the combination. Teams are combined by the League Director and not by players, coaches or representatives.
  11. If school is canceled due to bad weather or students are sent home early, all CCRA games are canceled for that day. If there is a morning delay at the start of the school day, CCRA games are played as scheduled. If a cancellation occurs, information will be posted on the home page of the CCRA website (
  12. Every player must play a minimum of one (1) quarter per game.
  13. Every age division will play 3-point shot.
  14. Mercy Rule – In the Middle School division if a team is ahead by 25 or more points and in the High School division if a team is ahead by 30 or more points anytime in the second half, the clock will run continuously for the remainder of the game. The team ahead must play a half court, zone defense.
  15. Each team must submit an official score sheet prior to their game. Failure to submit an official score sheet is forfeiture of game. Notebook paper, etc. is not official.
  16. No additions to the roster will be accepted after the half way point of the season. (See schedule for specific date.)
  17. Each team is responsible for providing either an official scorekeeper or an official timer.

Age Specific Rules

Elementary Middle School High School
Game Length
4 - 6 Minute Quarters
4 - 6 Minute Quarters
4 - 8 Minute Quarters
Overtime Length
2 Minutes
3 Minutes
4 Minutes

3 Full & 2 30-Second Timesouts for all Age Groups

Final 2 minutes of Game Only

No Restrictions for MS & HS

Clock Stoppages

Running Clock except for Timeouts,
Foul Shots and Last 2 Minutes of Game

Clock Stops on all Whistles